Frequently asked questions




Is the registration of applicants free?

Yes, registration of applicants and the use of the website Areebajobs are free.


What are the steps and processes for registration?

Take the following steps to register:

1/ Visit the website and click on ‘’Register’’

2/ Fill the form with your email address and password

3/ Wait a few minutes then check your inbox after which you proceed to activate your account

4/ Click on the activation link

5/ You should be redirected to the website Your account is now active.

6/ Login with your credentials (email address) and your chosen password from step 1 


What do I do if I do not receive a confirmation email?

You should receive the email almost immediately; however, it could take up to 15 minutes to arrive in your inbox.

You could also check to see if the confirmation email is delivered to your spam box.

After following the two preceding steps and you still don’t receive the confirmation email, kindly visit then click on ‘’forgot password’’.

Follow through with the process of changing your password by indicating the email you provided at the beginning. You will receive afterwards an email that allows you to change your password. Once done, you will be able to login with the details provided.    


My account


What do I do if I forgot my password?

You can choose a new password for your account by: 
– Visit the URL then click on ‘’Forgot password’’
– After visiting the URL and clicking on ‘’Forgot password’’,
– Start the process of changing your password by indicating the email address you provided during registration. You will then receive an email that allows you carry out the change of password.
– Once you have done that, you will be able to connect to your account with your new password


What are the essential elements to have before appearing before recruiters and to see job offers?

For your profile to be visible to recruiters and to get notifications, you must have:
– Indicated in your profile that you are open to job opportunities
– Attached at least a CV to your profile.


I could not upload my CV to the website

Ensure that your CV is in PDF format as that is the only accepted format by the website which in turn guarantees proper indexing of the information contained therein.

If your document is not accepted, you can try to recreate your CV into PDF format then submit it again to our website.


Can I edit the details of my profile?

You can edit the details of your profile as many times as needed by logging in and clicking on ‘’Edit profile’’ 


Do I have to complete my profile in different languages?

As soon as you complete your profile in one language, it becomes automatically visible in 3 languages (EN, PT & FR) to recruiters.

The only item that is not automatically translated is your CV. You can therefor attach same in 3 languages onto our website, that will give you more visibility among recruiters. 


Posting to job adverts to applicants


How come I do not see any job openings on the website? is different from other job search platforms.

While other website shows you every single job opening, we only show you job openings that match your profile and which is currently posted on our website.

The website works with a matching system which constantly compares the current job openings with available applicant’s profile.

Matching is carried out using two criteria:

Criteria for visibility of applicant’s profile
Applicant’s country
Applicant’s nationality
Profession as indicated by Applicant
Applicant’s years of experience
Applicant’s course of study
Applicant’s spoken languages

If the criteria indicated in the job opening matches that of the applicant, such job opening will become visible by the applicant and he or she can therefore apply.


The selling points of an applicant’s profile
The speciality of the applicant
The sector of the applicant
The subdivision of the applicant
The desired income of the applicant

If the criteria indicated in the job opening matches that of the applicant, his/her profile will appear as priority to the recruiter.


How do you apply for a job opening?

To apply for an opening, you must first click on the menu ‘’Jobs’’

A list of job openings that corresponds with your profile will then appear. Then, you simply have to click the button ‘’Apply’’ to submit your application.


Where can one find a submitted application?

Submitted application can be found under the menu ‘’jobs’’ of the application


When a job advertisement is no longer available, does that mean that the position has been filled?

When a job advertisement is no longer available, that means that the position has been filled and/or that the recruiter’s campaign has been completed.


Will I receive a notification when my profile matches a job advertisement?

An email is sent out daily to applicants about new job openings that matches their profile of which they can then apply.


How do you stop receiving notifications of job openings?

You will have to indicate in your profile that you are no longer in search of a job opening.


Applicant’s Support centre


For all question related to the use of our website, kindly email our support centre

Kindly do not send your CVs to this email address because they will not be treated.


Document updated on April 30th